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Climate Change Garden

The Climate Change Demonstration Garden is located in the Pounder Vegetable Garden in the Botanic Garden. The Garden features two installations of six planting beds, planted with food crops and nectar plants. The first installation is located outside, while the second installation is located inside of a high tunnel. The high tunnel is used to demonstrate the different environmental conditions predicted with climate change, like rising temperatures, heat waves, heavy downpours, and droughts. When comparing the two installations, the visitor can witness how a changing climate affects the growth of a variety of different plants.

  • See Education Director, Sonja Skelly, present the lecture "Creating a Garden for Climate Change Education" in March, 2016.
  • Read what's going on in the garden
  • See the garden
  • Read about future climate projections for central New York
  • Read articles about the garden
  • Learn what you can do about climate change
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