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Class of '53 Container Gardens

Each summer, dozens of colorful container plantings adorn the patio of the Lewis Education Center and the patio of the Nevin Welcome Center. The bold, sometimes flamboyant flowers and foliage evoke a sense of the tropics and mirror Ithaca’s warm summers. Container gardens can consist of a variety of colors, as well as interesting textures and growth habits. Plants often included in the container collection are canna, hibiscus, coleus, lantana, gazania, and fuchsia.



There are collections of containers in front of the Nevin Welcome Center and the Lewis Building.

Click here to view a list and key to plants around the Nevin Welcome Center.

Click here to view a list and key of plants in front of the Lewis Building.

Click below to hear a two-minute audio narrative about the Container Collection.

Botanic Garden, Lewis Education Center patio
Best Season: 

May - September