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Treman Woodland Walk

This intimately-scaled, hemlock-shaded, streamside garden displays moisture-loving plants, such as marsh marigold, Asian skunk cabbage, and Japanese primroses that cannot be grown well elsewhere at Cornell Botanic Gardens. Ferns, globeflower, azaleas, daylilies, and hostas also grow rampantly along the stream, giving the garden a whimsical, uncultivated atmosphere. An 80-year-old weeping willow tree here has tipped over on its side but continues to grow, providing a strange and beautiful centerpiece. Unusual foliage, both variegated and dramatically large, provides interest throughout the growing season.

Click here to download a list of plants for this garden (pdf file, 41 pages).

Click below to hear a two-minute audio narrative about the Treman Woodland Walk.

F.R. Newman Arboretum, North Entrance, near the Zucker Shrub Collection
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