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Grossman and Houston Ponds

Within these ponds are water plants including cattails, water lilies, pickerel weed, yellow flag iris, and bald cypress. The ponds support a well-developed freshwater aquatic ecosystem, which includes reptiles, amphibians, insects, fish and crustaceans–making them great places for pond study.

Additionally, a variety of wildlife flourishes around the ponds, including birds such as great blue herons, black ducks, bank swallows, mallards, and cedar waxwings. The many tree species planted around the ponds include red maples, river birches, green ashes, bur oaks, and swamp white oaks. The Class of '64 Grove next to Houston Pond houses classic examples of understory plants, such as fringe trees, maackia, and willowwood viburnum, beneath a canopy of mature pin oaks.

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Bottom of the Newman Arboretum bowl
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