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Pounder Heritage Vegetable Garden

This garden focuses on the changing role of vegetables in the American diet over time. It contains four theme beds:

  • Colonial gardens of the 1700s
  • Gilded Age gardens of the late 1800s
  • Victory gardens of World Wars I and II
  • Contemporary gardens

These beds demonstrate how northeastern U. S. vegetable gardens have changed in response to social conditions, immigration, plant breeding, and technological advances. In addition, the history and diversity of a single garden vegetable is featured on a rotating basis. Featured vegetables have included tomatoes, peppers, and beans. 

The adjoining shed is where Nobel Prize-winning plant geneticist Barbara McClintock worked as a Cornell graduate student in the 1920s. Produce from this garden is donated to local food banks.

Botanical Garden, south of Plantations Road
Best Season: 

June - September