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Rain Garden workshop starts October 2

6 days 6 hours ago

Beautify your landscape while protecting water quality with a rain garden—a shallow, landscaped depression that collects and filters storm water. Learn to create a rain garden at home in a two-part workshop starting October 2. Read more

Upcoming Lecture: Founding Gardeners with historian Andrea Wulf

1 week 52 min ago

Join award-winning historian Andrea Wulf on Wednesday, October 1st for a beautifully illustrated talk looking at the lives of the founding fathers and how their attitude to plants, gardens, and agriculture shaped the American nation. Read more

Enjoy the reopened Cascadilla Gorge on a guided hike

2 weeks 8 hours ago

The Cascadilla Gorge Trail was reopened on September 15, 2014 after many years of reconstruction due to weathering and two flooding events. Join Natural Areas Todd Bittner for a guided tour on September 24 from 3-4 p.m. or October 3 from noon-1 p.m. to see these efforts for yourself.  Read more

Grow a Career! Support Plantations Internship Program

3 weeks 5 hours ago

This summer, 11 Cornell student interns spent 12 weeks working and
learning at Plantations, and have now launched a crowdfunding project to
ensure that more students will have the same opportunity next year. Read more

Help us make a difference

16 weeks 6 hours ago

From Cornell students to local schoolchildren, visitors and lifelong learners, every year 14,000 people reconnect with nature through our tours, classes, and free public programs. Watch a delightful short video that shows the breadth and value of these programs, the difference they make, and how you can help! Read more

Help Protect our Natural Heritage: Join the Natural Areas Academy

4 days 8 hours ago

Interested in learning about preserving the integrity of the natural world and want to share this love with others?  If so, consider joining
Plantations’ Natural Areas Academy. Read more

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