In the lobby of the Nevin Welcome Center, works of art and plant-focused displays change throughout the year.


Landscapes by Pat Richards

Seeing nature as a composition with limitless colors and designs, Pat Richards creates landscapes in pastels, a medium she enjoys for the spontaneity and expediency it affords.

November - December


Victis Acernis is a sugar maple created in 2013 by Cornell University Professor Jack Elliot and Cornell students.

In Jack Elliot's words:

"Victis acernis" is latin for "vanquished maple." It is one of a series of pieces referencing the harmful effects of global warming. These pieces are positioned to resemble the checkmated king in chess. In this case, warmer winters are leading to less sap production and increased tree mortality. This body of work is entitled "arbortecture." These pieces are derived from large tree parts that have been harvested by Cornell University. These examples range in scale from small to large, from handheld to cranelifted. They are intended to challenge ideas about the human/nature relationship through juxtapositions of the geometric and the organic; the intentional and the spontaneous; the light and the dark. They often refer to a specific environmental issue, such as climate change or the decline of nature appreciation, but their primary purpose is to move the viewer though their scale, power, and intricacy.

View an interview with Jack Elliot here.


Gourds Galore!
The hardshell gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) has a long relationship with humans, as its durable shell is ideal for use as a vessel, utensil, musical instrument, artwork and more. This exhibit features works of gourd art and provides information on how to grow and prepare hardshell gourds.