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Estate Gifts for Cornell Plantations


How do I establish a bequest or estate designation for Cornell Plantations?



Speak to a representative at Cornell regarding your gift intentions. We can assist you in identifying a designation for your gift that best meets your interests and Plantations’ needs, and provide you or your attorney with suggested language or estate planning considerations.


Bequest or Trust Designation: Create a new Will or trust, or modify your present Will by adding a codicil. Sample language, which you can share and edit with your attorney, is available from Plantations or the Office of Trusts, Estates and Gift Planning.

Other estate designation: Designate Cornell Plantations as a beneficiary. Most retirement plans and insurance policies have standard forms for naming an educational institution or other charity as a beneficiary. Call or e-mail a Cornell gift planning officer if you need any assistance in obtaining and filling out the forms.


Notify Plantations or the Office of Trusts, Estates and Gift Planning about your intentions. Your notification gives us the opportunity to invite you to join the Cayuga Society and encourage others to follow your example. If you wish, we will keep information about your plans entirely confidential.


Provide Plantations or the Office of Trusts, Estates and Gift Planning with a copy of your Will or designation (or that portion that references Plantations). This will allow our trust officers to ensure that your intentions are administered accurately and efficiently. The designation can be officially recognized in Cornell’s gift records as a pledge.

Cornell’s Office of Trusts, Estates & Gift Planning

Our gift officers are charitable planning specialists and have resources available to fully support both your investigation and implementation of gift planning techniques. Our services are professional, confidential, collaborative, and provided without cost or obligation. We encourage you to call on us to assist you, your family, and your advisors in exploring financial, estate, and charitable planning.