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New Garden Gift Opportunities

Cornell Plantations is launching a major initiative to raise $4 million to build new gardens in front of the Nevin Welcome Center. That goal includes $1 million for construction and plant material, and $3 million to endow the new horticulturist positions that will be required to maintain the gardens.
The project will comprise 44,000 sq. ft. of new gardens and infrastructure, including stone and gravel pathways, a new bridge over the Bioswale Garden at the east end of the parking area, water and electric lines, stone walls, benches, and interpretive and way-finding signage.  Each named garden will include donor recognition as an integral feature of its design—such as a bench, sculptural or water element, boulder and plaque, or sign.
Of the 10 new gardens to be built, 7 will showcase Plantations’ beloved peony collection, as well as with perennials, shrubs, and small-statured trees that will provide color, texture, and interest throughout the growing season. Other new plantings will include a small grove of trees near the Nevin Center and an intimate “garden room,” adjacent to the Mullestein Winter Garden, with a seating area under a large specimen tree.
Gift opportunities
to fund and name individual gardens range from $150,000 to $850,000. Additional naming opportunities include the already-planted Bioswale Garden and the Nevin Center Patio Garden and Courtyard.

For more information about making a gift to name a new garden at Plantations, please contact:
Beth Anderson
Director of Development
Cornell Plantations
Phone: (607) 254-4727